Sir Michael Gambon, Cadbury and Brunel

So much has been happening at SKK that I’m not even certain that I could cover half of it in one blog post. So I’ll just give you some of the highlights.

For starters the biggest news is that we pretty much have a whole new workforce powering SKK. A bunch of placement students from Brunel University have invaded the store and are now under the watchful eye of Shiu-Kay. Each one having slightly different skills and strengths and each ones becoming valuable members of the team, but that’s not all! We are currently repairing a lamp but not just any lamp it belongs to Sir Michael Gambon!

Apparently Sir Michael Gambon just popped in one day and left his lamp here at SKK and requested us to fix it. We poked and prodded it and the project is still on going. We will keep you posted as the story unravels and we have no intentions of letting him down!

Also this week a film company came in asking for help. Apparently their lighting crew arrived with no lighting equipment! They were filming on Carnaby street and had something to do with bringing the Cadbury’s bunny back, either way the filming had to be done today. So we raided our store room and even went as far as borrowing a long ladder from a construction site so we could pull out a bulb from the front of our own shop. By the end of the day whole team making lights for them it honestly looked like Santa’s workshop on that day with the whole team chipping in. the production team seemed happy and hope that they got the shots that they needed.

As a final highlight we have just discovered the fun of EL wire and are currently developing a new product with it to sell within the next couple of months in our store.

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