Halloween and other antics

Halloween has just passed us and we have noted that people are really liking the front of our store with our Halloween themed front. Customers were very enthusiastic about buying our Paper Micros Lights with Halloween themes like pumpkins, skulls and alien heads. We did however get one lady who came in requesting Daisy paper heads for her baby also called Daisy which was nice. The light however that cause the biggest stir this week was our skull lights. One of us even spotted our Skull lights in the window of a reception of a company in the middle of Soho.

While making a display for the window one of our students swears that when he was nailing down one of our spider lights for the front display of the store it jumped at him! Surprisingly this is the same student who has also helped us make this product available online on Amazon for us! Hopefully we should be able to put more of our items online and we will tell you when we have it all online.

Anyway with Halloween over we are now looking forward to making a new display.

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