Recent Projects... take a look

Over the past months we have been busy working on many projects world wide.

Client : Griff Rhys Jones

Location : Pembrookshire

A location that would firstly be used for filming, then to be rented as a designer appartment. Baring this in mind we retro fitted recycled stage lamps with a dimmable, warm white LED to allow the client to add and remove lights as they please.
With two retro High Bay fittings as pendents this space was completely transformed into a sleek modern living space.

Client : Anna Lou

Location : Carnaby Street

Client : Residential

Location : London

A complete rebuild, this house is now over 90% LED, saving huge amounts of energy. Utilising solar energy added to this.
Using a 8w Dimmable LED downlight allowed us to create different moods and scenes as the client wanted mainly ceiling lights.

We can customise just about anything. This copper pendant was brought to us from Morroco. We modified it into a light. now it fits beautifully into this interior.

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